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What Are the Differences Between Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl, and Nitrinyl Gloves?

A doctor putting on medical gloves

Gloves are an imperative part of the medical industry, providing a necessary barrier between the hands of healthcare workers and the environment in which they are performing their tasks. Some types of gloves, however, are more protective than others, and choosing the correct glove for the situation at hand can be the difference between whether or not a medical professional remains safe during a hazardous situation. Some of the most popular glove types, which range in protection levels, include vinyl, nitrile, and latex. At Medivico, we offer two types of medical gloves: nitrile, and our own invention, the nitrinyl glove. Here is a breakdown of each glove that will help you decide which type is the best for your situation.


Vinyl gloves are the least protective of all the glove types highlighted here. Their looser fit and lack of elasticity result in a non-form-fitting glove that is best suited for minimal risk environment like food service due to the low level of protection that vinyl gloves offer. Vinyl gloves are also the least durable of all medical gloves. Vinyl gloves, however, are latex-free and are cheap to produce and therefore are the most economically sound glove option. Due to their lack of protection, we do not offer vinyl gloves at Medivico.


Unlike vinyl gloves, Nitrile Gloves are a very protective glove option. They are made of a heavy, latex-free, synthetic rubber, and the tight, elastic feel of nitrile gloves make them the ideal choice for medical environments that require high levels of protection. Nitrile gloves are very durable and, if punctured, will noticeably tear, allowing the user to know when they need to put on a new pair. Medivico’s Nitrile Gloves are CE and FDA approved. They come in boxes of 100, and are available in S, M, L, and XL sizes.


Similar to Nitrile gloves, latex gloves are protective and suitable for most environments that require high protection. Because latex is a common allergy, it is not universally desired by those who need protective gloves. If you are not allergic to latex, this type of glove is an acceptable option for most medical environments, but due to the common latex allergy, Medivico has chosen not to offer latex gloves.


Developed by and unique to Medivico, Nitrinyl Gloves are a powder-free examination glove that are latex-free and have a comfortable, tight fit. The thick material and elastic feel make these gloves perfect for medical environments and heavy-duty work with maximum protection. Our Nitrinyl Gloves are CE and FDA certified. They come in boxes of 100, and are available in S, M, L, and XL sizes.

Are you and your employees wearing the correct type of glove for your type of work? For more information on our gloves, as well as our other products, visit us at If you have any questions or for product inquiries, select “inquire” on any of our product pages, or email


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