Our Supply Chain

We have the systems in place to reliantly supply lifesaving health and medical supplies.

We have years of experience successfully operating supply chains across the globe. Our sister companies in the EU have executed on European Union government medical supply contracts for many years. When we saw the gravity of COVID-19 and the limited access to PPE across the globe, we began leveraging our relationships and resources that existed within our network to deliver reputable PPE products to the United States. Doing so during a time when many low-grade and unusable products were being delivered by competitors has allowed us to become a trusted and reliable medical supplier, and enabled us to ensure that all quality certificates, production reports, product quality, government registrations and exportation procedures are in place for guaranteed product delivery to the final customer. 


Who We Serve

What They Need, When They Need It

From hospitals & medical providers, to the government & school districts, to everyday consumers, our seamless supply chain reaches a variety of people and organizations.

Hospitals &

Medical Providers

Government &

School Districts

Retailers &


We've spent many years refining our supply chain in order to reach maximum efficiency.


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